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Exploring the Uncertainty Future

2021 Chinese-European Legal Leaders’ Investment and Enterprise Forum

Shenzhen, China

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Nanshan, Shenzhen


Sunday, 9 May, 2021

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Exploring the Uncertainty Future

The CAI marks the closer integration of two of the world’s most significant economic blocs on the basis of equality. Many assumptions about international law and the future of business that were once considered correct may be wrong. Are entrepreneurs and lawyers ready for the changes in the future? In the past forty years, science and technology investment has been the pillar industry of industrial relations between China and the world. What does it mean for science and technology investment? How do lawyers solve international disputes in a multilateral world?

The game is changing, and yesterday’s rules are no guarantee of success. We should seize the opportunity, compare with the top experts, deepen our understanding and prepare to enter a multilateral world. China, Europe and even the wider world shall establish a new relation with enormous value. If multilateralism means cooperation, please join the minds who have been already working together and sharing knowledge.

The Countdown to the Forum

The world leaders in law, technology and public policy

There are guest speakers include Xiaobing Tang(Former Senior Counsellor of WTO), Loudres Casanvoa(Former Senior Counsellor of WTO), Thomas Pauken(Former Senior Counsellor of WTO), Rotem Kopel (Chief Executive Officer, Mind Matters Foundation), etc..

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