​Time to unite.

原文始发于微信公众号(瑞中法协):​Time to unite.

Time to unite.

Preface of the inaugural issue of the Swiss Chinese Law Review


 People across theworld are facing a common enemy. This enemy does not recognise race,nationality or religion. The pandemic has exposed the fragility of business asusual. It left us physically isolated from each other. The predicted globalrecession, soaring unemployment, travel embargoes and long-term self-isolationterrify us.

However,hopefully, the pandemic has taught us something. It softened us, humbled us andhumanised us. The pandemic has inspired incredible acts of generosity andcourage. It is these human actions that have given us an opportunity to createa new kind of future.

For legalprofessionals, Covid-19 will ultimately make institutions, law firms andattorneys more agile, lean and adaptable. The pandemic now requires lawyers whofacilitate transactions and resolve disputes that span a wide array of legalsystems with vastly different legal cultures. The legal profession is beingreshaped.

As we battle thiscoronavirus, it is the time for the legal professionals to unite. It is thetime to understand each other and collaborate across different cultures. It isthe time that we should cherish on our common values, to cherish the unity andto pride the goals rather than our differences. On a practical level, it is thetime to find better protocols to collaborate in online hearings. It is the timeto convince courts to take more effective measures toward the pandemic.

It is with thisin mind that the first issue of the Swiss Chinese Law Review is born. Incompiling this edition, we have been blown away by over three hundredsubmissions from over forty-five countries and regions. It goes without sayingthat this would not have been possible had it not been for the huge devotionand time committed by fifteen translators, ten peer-reviewers and four editors.Here we wish to dedicate our sincere thanks to following colleagues for theirabsolutely essential voluntarily work:

Tianze Zhang(General Coordinator), Jianan Wei (Assistant Editor), Peng Hu (Translator),Ziru Qu (Translator), Haiyan Mao (Translator), Min Dan (Translator), Yuanhua Fu(Translator), Shouwu Song (Translator), Wenxin Yang (Translator), Zhaoxia Deng(Translator), Yin Kui (Translator).

We also wish todedicate our thanks to the colleagues who had helped us to review the articles: Peter Ruggle, Caroline Dulercq, Ameli Koroosh, Fei Tang, Raphael Zumsteg-Yuan andHermann Knott.

This is a greattime to unite. Let us not take this opportunity for granted. The future is whatwe make of it.

由《瑞中法律评论》主编Jerry Guo(郭健)DavidDahlborn签署。

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