Xiaobing Tang

Former Senior Counsellor of WTO
Counselor Tang is an alumni of UIBE, worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (now the Ministry of Commerce) from December, 1978 to March, 1986. He made the negotiations on behalf of China about joining the Multiple Fiber Agreement hosted by GATT and participated in the early preparations of the China’s entry into the WTO. From March, 1986 to October, 1987, he engaged in the work in relation to the trade policy and multilateral trade in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as the international textile trade expert. Later he was appointed the ITCB economic affairs officer. From November, 1987 to July, 2002 he was engaged in the trade policy, trade law and multilateral trade negotiations at the United National Conference on Trade and Development of international goods and service trade department. Since January, 2008, he works in the Market Access Division of WTO and the work content includes: non-agriculture market access, trade facilitation and market access issues about information technology products and other goods trade .

Lifan Luo

Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft
Dr. Luo is currently the Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft and General Manager of Legal Affairs of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group. He is responsible for all legal affairs of Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group. Microsoft's Asia Pacific R&D group is headquartered in Beijing and is the company's largest R&D center outside Microsoft headquarters in the United States. Dr. Luo is also responsible for laws, regulations and policies related to Microsoft's cyber security in China Prior to that, Dr. Luo served as general manager of government and corporate affairs at Microsoft China, responsible for government and corporate affairs. From 1999 to 2011, Dr. Luo worked at Microsoft's global headquarters in Redmont, Washington, the US, where he served as the Associate General Counsel for Patents in Microsoft's Server and Tools business, Director of Microsoft's Intellectual Property Licensing Division, Senior Licensing Attorney, and Patent Attorney for Microsoft's Windows business, etc.. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1999, Dr. Luo worked at the law firm of Pennie Edmonds LLP in New York City.

Thomas W Pauken II

Journalist at CCTV China
Thomas W. Pauken II. is a reporter and editor for China’s state media and was a contributor to Singapore Channel News Asia when writing the book. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, USA, and graduated with a BA in Political Science from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA. He is based in Beijing, China where he’s a respected commentator on China and Asia-Pacific affairs. He graduated from Thomas More College with a B.A. in Political Science in 1999.

Gary Gao

Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm (Shanghai)
Gary GAO is the Partner of Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm Shanghai Office. He has extensive experience in cross-border litigation, international commercial arbitration and mediation, regulatory and compliance matter; domestic dispute resolution, crisis management and complex commercial litigation; corporate financing and restructuring, as well as foreign direct investment. Since his admission to the bar in China in 1995, Gary has helped the clients in dealing with numerous complicated transnational litigations, arbitration cases and compliance cases, whereby not only protecting clients’ interest while also winning the unanimous praise from them. Years of litigation experience shapes Gary a very acute sense of legal risks that may be encountered in the daily management and operation by enterprises and companies. It enables Gary to help the enterprises and companies to mitigate those risks at the lowest level during the course of the investment structure design, risk control, contract negotiations along with other daily legal matters, so as to effectively avoid the potential disputes in the future.

Lei Shi

Founder of the Herdem Law
Senior Legal & Business Combination Advocate, Global Legal operation & Legal tech Advisor. Proven capability to promote operational excellence for modernized corporate legal department. Rich experience within corporate legal operation and management. Expertised within the field of corporate compliance management. Strong capability to apply risk analysis and risk management processes to new and/or evolving business initiatives. Leadership potential, positive working attitude and good team working spirit.

Jiaqi Yu

Partner of Llinks Law Office
Ms. Yu joined in Llinks Law Offices in July 205. She has been engaged in the legal business of finance and generic asset management for a number of years. She frequently provides legal services to Chinese and foreign-funded banks (including private banks), securities companies and their subsidiaries, insurance companies and insurance asset management companies, trust companies, fund management companies and their subsidiaries and other financial institutions as well as factoring companies, financial leasing companies and various private fund managers. Ms. Yu has built up a wealth of experience in providing legal services in various financing projects, the establishment and investment of asset management products, ABS, the establishment and acquisition of financial institutions, non-performing asset restructuring and etc. Ms. Yu also has extensive experience in cross-border asset management business. She has been providing various legal services under PRC law for multiple well-known overseas financial institutions and asset management companies, including for various QFII / RQFII / QDII / QDLP / QDIE projects, the registration of foreign-owned private fund managers and the raising and operation of private equity funds.

Zhengping Zhou

Kangda law firm - Senior Partner
As a senior partner at Dentons and leads the foreign-related law department of the Changsha office. His business involves foreign investment and cross-border M&A, dispute resolution ,, including the entrance and exit of foreign investment, M&A, and financing in China and investments and M&A by Chinese state-owned and private enterprises overseas. In past 10 years, he has been providing professional, thorough legal services for the business development of numerous multinational enterprises in China, including Bosch, Standard Chartered Bank、Sheffler、Mittal and Laureate Group, forcefully protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign businesses. As a project manager, he also assisted the overseas investments and M&A of a number of listed companies in China . He is also a leader in the area of foreign-related law for the Hunan Lawyers Association, serving as a permanent legal advisor for the provincial department of commerce , Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and numerous other governments and institutions.

Tian Gao

Senior Partner of Allbright Law Offices
Gao Tian is a partner at AllBright Law Offices in Shenzhen. His practice areas include corporate, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, and dispute resolution. Mr. Gao has spent more than a decade focusing on handling routine corporate legal affairs such as customs, labor and personnel, foreign exchanges and technology transfers as well as corporate restructuring, acquisitions, and liquidation for foreign-invested enterprises. Mr. Gao especially counts Japanese-funded enterprises among his clients. He has dealt with a number of customs and labor disputes and has undertaken over a hundred litigation and arbitration cases. Mr. Gao previously worked in the Shenzhen office of a notable Beijing law firm and at a Japanese law firm. He joined AllBright as a partner in 2007. He was once a member of the Labor and Social Security Legal Affairs Committee of the Shenzhen Bar Association and Foreign-related Legal Affairs Committee and is now a special legal counsel for the Shenzhen Sino-Japan Promotion Association of Economic Cultural Exchange as well as a collaborative lawyer for the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Shenzhen.

Penghe Yan

Members of the management committee of the general administration and Senior partner of Zhong Yin Law Firm
Harvey Yen ispartner & lawyerof Beijing ZHONG YIN Law Firm (Top 6 famous law firms in China, and the leading law firm in China capital market). Harvey received his J.D. (with honors) from Peking University.Harvey was engaged as an expert lawyer forCCOIC (China Chamber of International Commerce), and was named as one of Top 10“International Service Star for SMEs” by China Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

Ling Huang

King & Wood Mallesons Nabs Cleary Partner in Beijing
Huang has significant experience on cross-border M&A and corporate matters, handling areas such as aviation, energy, financial services, insurance, leisure and entertainment, media, pharmaceuticals, technology, and communications, etc. Huang’s arrival serves a valuable addition to the firm’s U.S. law practice. Huang, a New York-qualified lawyer, also practiced at Shearman & Sterling in Beijing for nearly two decades and was appointed as partner in 2009 before leaving for Cleary in 2012.

Hui Jia

Partner of DeHeng Law Offices
Practice area: Banking & Finance| Cross-border Investment & Finance Mr. Jia Hui primarily practices in the fields of M&A and insurance. He is the director of DeHeng’s Banking & Finance Practice Group and Cross-Border Transaction Committee. Mr. Jia is an admitted lawyer in the field of international investment legal affairs by MOFCOM.

Jiaxi Jiang

Partner at Jurisino Law Group
Mr. Jiang is a founding Senior Partner at Jurisino Law Group, based in Beijing. He is admitted to All Provinces (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)/China, New York/USA, and Ontario/Canada. Mr. Jiang studied and researched laws for 14 years in reputable law schools within and outside China, achieving a Bachelor of Laws degree from Peking University, a Master of Jurisprudence degree from Peking University, a Master of Laws degree from Queen’s University, and a Juris Doctor degree from York University. Mr. Jiang received further professional trainings in the relevant bar associations and law societies. Mr. Jiang has worked at multiple law firms both in China and in North America, with Philips, Whirlpool, Merck Serono, Lonza, Fraser& Neave, Toyota, Samsung and other multinationals on his client list. Currently he is focusing on corporate governance, capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, cross-border investments, international trade and international arbitration.

Wilson W. Huo

Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm
Wilson has backgrounds and expertise in both transactions and dispute resolution matters. His in-depth experience and understanding in the sectors of finance, investment, trade and banking transactions have enabled him with a solid basis as a representing lawyer, an arbitrator, or an expert witness. His enriched transaction experiences also made him to steer the negotiation with sophisticated skills combing mediation/reconciliation and other ADR manners, to use debt-restructuring and other means and to achieve the utmost client interests to resolve the disputes with the most efficient time line and the least costs.

Tianxi Wang

Vice director of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission

Lidong Pan

Managing Partner of ReizLaw Firm
Areas of practice: CommercialLitigation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property Rights, Anti-unfairCompetition and Consumer Rights Dispute. Mr.Pan specializes in providing professional legal services for multinationalcompanies and foreign invested companies in PRC, with extensive experience in areaof commercial litigation and arbitration, intellectual property rights, anti-unfaircompetition and consumer rights dispute. He has advised many medical device companieson advertising and publicity disputes, has represented many international foodcompanies in consumer complaints and litigations. Mr. Pan has represented theleading herbal tea company JDB in a series of cases, including but not limitedto IP infringement, consumer rights disputes, unfair competition disputes andadvertising disputes.

Albert(Jian) Zhang

Office Managing Partner and Member of the Board of Dentons
Jian Zhang is a senior partner at Dentons, based in Shenzhen, with an emphasis on business and corporate affairs such as M&A, capital markets, securities financing, real estate and construction projects and major business disputes and litigations. Jian has managed the legal aspects of large and often complex transactions involving multiple parties and many levels of professional advisors. He also provides advice on a wide range of corporate and commercial law matters in a number of industries, including financial institutions, energy, communication and transportation, manufacturing, real estate and construction, retail, TMT, screen culture, environmental protection, logistics storage, among others. He also serves as regular legal counsel and special project legal counsel for numerous well-known corporations. In addition, Jian works extensively with numerous companies including transnational corporation, domestic and foreign listed companies, financial and quasi-financial institutions, private equity firms, government agencies and state-owned enterprises and well-known private enterprises. Jian’s team consists of experienced lawyers and professionals. With Dentons’ globalized legal services network focusing on a wide range of industries and a keen sense of the local market, Jian’s team is able to utilize sources of Dentons to best serve clients from home and aboard.

Yaolong Zhu

Senior Partner of Zhong Yin (Shenzhen) Law Firm
Professional in Corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financial securities, major civil and commercial litigation, etc.

Jian Chen

Full-time Deputy Secretary General of China Arbitration Law Research Association
Chen Jian, Ph.D., professor and researcher, is the full-time deputy secretary general of China Arbitration Law Research Association. He is a visiting professor at the School of Law of Renmin University of China, a researcher at the "Belt and Road" Law Research Center of the Law School, a tutor for postgraduate students outside China University of Political Science and Law and University of International Business and Economics, and a columnist of "Voice Arbitration" on the website of the Law and Business Association. Member of the International Commercial Arbitration Council (ICCA), Member of the Royal Institute of Arbitrators, Executive Director of the Case Study Committee of the China Law Society, Member of the China Society of International Economic Law. He served successively as the case secretary, director of the Filing Advisory Office and director of the International Cases Department of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and examined more than 1,000 arbitration awards. Participated in UN arbitration conferences as an expert on behalf of China nearly 10 times. Over 100 cases as sole arbitrator, over 50 cases as presiding arbitrator and over 20 cases as general arbitrator. He has delivered more than 100 special speeches in international and domestic professional conferences and domestic training courses.

Heng Tang

Chairman and Manager of Zhishihui

Hua Guan

CEO of Xiaofeng Network

Ailing Qiu

Vice Minister of Legal Affairs Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CCPIT
Ailing Qiu

Luoying Wang

Vice director of Shenzhen mediation center of CCPIT
Luoying Wang

Tiantian Wang

Vice Minister of Legal Affairs Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CCPIT
Tiantian Wang

Peihao Yuan

Expert mediator of Shenzhen mediation center of CCPIT
Peihao Yuan

Nicolas Babin

Former CEO of Sony Europe
Nicolas Babin, and his robot Aibo, will explain how AI will challenge us to get our attention and increase engagement. How AI will then drive loyalty through gamification techniques and towards optimal engagement. Not just for marketing campaigns and entertainment purposes. He will show how gamifying the digital transformation at a Chinese chemical company has ensured employee engagement andchanges adopted. Nicolas has worked and lived in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, Germany and France allowing him to be open and understand different cultures. He worked for Sony for many years andlearnt to combine marketing and gaming. He is a co-founder of GamFed. Since 2017, Nicolas is a consultant in all digital matters. He helps big and small companies to transform their business by using AIand Gamification. He writes for Le Monde Economique in Geneva as a digital expert and works for LinkedInLearning and IBM on social media and AI subjects.

Loudres Casanova

Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute
Lourdes Casanova is the Senior Lecturer and Gail and Rob Cañizares Director of the Emerging Markets Institute in the S.C. Johnson School of Management, at Cornell University, formerly at INSEAD. Awarded in 2014 and 2015 one of the 50 most influential Iberoamerican intellectuals by Esglobal. In 2017 one of the 30 most influential Iberoamerican women intellectuals by Esglobal. Fulbright Scholar, master’s degree from University of Southern California, PhD from University of Barcelona. She has been a visiting professor at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley; Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Latin American Centre, University of Oxford; University of Zurich and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.