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SCLA Global Forum was founded in Switzerland by the SCLA .

It first met in a townhouse on the bank of Lehman Lake in Geneva in 2019 .

To date, it has held more than fifteen meetings. The topics covered include investment arbitration, IP, sports arbitration, Belt and Road, and business secret protection.

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Geneva, Zurich, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Reports of the SCLA Global Forum

The audience of our forum reports is over 500,000 lawyers, government representatives, entrepreneurs and members of international intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

On 30 March, 2020, the SCLA held its third SCLA Global Forum. The main content of this forum was a discussion of arbitration in sports, Anti-Doping Rules, the Sun Yang case and other events from various perspectives.

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Date: 29 May, 2020 Topics The Reality of the New Virtual (Peter J. Pettibone), Witness testimony by videoconferencing and protocols for video hearing (Chan Leng Sun), Art of Advocacy Strategies and Behaviour in Online Arbitration (Ricky Diwan QC), The Latest Development and Future of Online Arbitration in China (Dr Chen Jian, Vice Secretary General, China Academy of Arbitration Law), Virtual Hearings: A Perspective Based on the Experience of US Courts (John M. Barkett), Current development in the UNCITRAL Working group (Koroosh H. Ameli).

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Date: June, 2020 Speakers Phillip Wimalasena, Caroline Duclercq, Chen Jian, Lucien William Valloni, Antonio R. Parra, Koorosh H. Ameli, Jern-fei Ng, and others. Topics Third-party Funding in Times of Corona, French Perspective and Icc-practice on Third-party Funding, China and Cietac Perspective of Third-party Funding, ICSID-arbitration, Third-party Funding and Financial Assistance in Investment Arbitration, Third-party Funding in International Commercial Arbitration.

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Date: 31 January, 2020 Topics Compliance and regulatory issues when Chinese enterprises go out to One Belt One Road countries and areas (Gary Gao), One Belt One Road and Corporate Social Responsibility (Kolja Roman Targan), M&A by Chinese Parties in Switzerland: Deal Challenges and Legal Advices (Jacques Bonvin), One Belt One Road and Financial Derivatives and Legal Services (Naiquan Zheng), The Cultivation of China’s Foreign-related lawyers under the Background of Belt and Road Initiative (Bo Yi).

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Date: July, 2020 Speakers: Hussein Haeri, Angelika Zoder,Clarisse Von Wunschheim, Jia Hui, Yi Bo, Peter Ruggle, Yue Huang, Eduardo Benavides, and others. Topics Force Majeure and Frustration of Contracts: A Common Law Approach ICC Force Majeure Clause 2020, Force Majeure & Dispute Resolution, The Impact of Covid-19 Epidemic as Force Majeure on Chinese Companies Under International Trade Contracts, The Newest Spc’s Judicial Guiding Opinion of Application of Force Majeure Ruled in Extraterritorial Law by People’s Court in China, How Does the Force Majeure Influence the Industry?, Force Majeure and Aviation Industry, Force Majeure in Latin American Industry.

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Date: September, 2020 Topics Compliance with States and Federal law on Data Protection in the US (Alfred J. Saikali), Navigating the Increasingly Important and Complicated Regulatory Hurdles of Data Protection & Privacy and Cybersecurity in China (Jianmin Dai), Impact of Data Protection laws on M&A (Amrit Mehta), Data Protection and Litigation: An African Case Study (Godson Uochukwu), Geopolitics Discrimination in the Global Enforcement of the Sanctions (Philip Hackett QC), Data Protection at the Global Supply Chains (Şafak Herdem).

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Date: 31 July 2020 Topics WTO Multilateral Trading System and COVID-19 (Xiaobing Tang), Trade and foreign investment Post-COVID19 in the US (Ricardo Ampudia), Developments in African Competition Law and their impact on cross border transactions, the signatory event of partnership between SCLA and Lex Africa (Pieter Steyn), and more.

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Date: 30 October, 2020 Speakers: Hermann Knott, Partner at Andersen (Germany), Doran Doeh, Barrister at 36 Stone (United Kingdom), Zhengping Zhou, Senior Partner at Dentons (China), Peter Wood, Partner at Withersworldwide (United Kingdom), and others. Topics Covid-19, Challenges or Opportunities, Law Firm in Expansion, Conflicts and Challenges (Zhenping Zhou), “Right” Size of the Law Firm (and Chambers): Future for the Big and Small?, Collaboration for the future: The Greater Bay Area in China (Szeto Wai Sun), Futures for Young Lawyers.

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Date: 25 September, 2020 Topics Online Dispute Resolution (Robert Rhodes QC), Challenges towards the Online mediation (Godson Ugochukwu), Cultures in Mediation, Singapore Convention and the International Investment Mediation (Frauke Nitschke), An overview of WTO dispute settlement system (Xiaobing Tang), and others.

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Date: 27 November, 2020 Speakers: Hermann Knott, Partner at Andersen (Germany), Aleman Marco, Director at Patent Law Division, WIPO (Switzerland), Carlos Correa, Executive Director of South Center (Switzerland), Linossier Olivier, President of the Eurasia Industries Group (France), Johnson Kong, International Intellectual Property Commercialization Council (Hong Kong), and others. Topics Slavery of the Workforce (Johnson Kong), Public interest perspective in the Trade Secret (Carlos Correa), Trade Secret and Innovation (Aleman Marco), and more.

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Date: 26 February, 2021. This very lively and thought-provoking cross-border exchange between experienced lawyers on issues arising in the context of international enforcement of mediated settlement agreements.

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Date: March 26, 2021 The theme of this forum was CAI, signed on 30 December, 2020, and its impact on economic factors and technology.

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