Shanghai Night(ONLINE): A seminar on problems and challenges in international legal cooperation will be held on 19th December




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The rise, the evolution and the integration of disruptive forces is consistently shaping the future of international legal cooperation. The Swiss Chinese Law Association (SCLA) and the SCLA National Development Council will hold the special event- Shanghai Night: Issues and Challenges in International Legal Cooperation Symposium from 4pm to 8pm on Sunday (December 19) (Limited number of people is 30 People in person), this seminar will mainly focus on the culture and challenges in international legal cooperation.

  • Cultural challenges faced by Chinese investors in cross-border transactions;
  • The path and choice of international dispute settlement methods and existing cultural issues;
  • The cross-cultural ability of the law firm and the construction of the ability to respond to global cooperation;
  • Common international standards and ethics in international legal cooperation;
  • Strategic thinking of the company in the process of choosing an international law firm;

Taking this opportunity, the Swiss-Chinese Law Association is promoting the establishment of “legal partners” between European and Chinese law firms, and through creative cross-cultural collaboration, to better promote the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign law firms. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, our number of participants is limited to 30 people.

SCLA National Development Council takes the development of professional research as its core positioning, and its service scope includes holding professional cross-border professional talent exchange and training projects, developing a course certification system, and launching professional legal talent recruitment services. At present, the center has become a partner of the European Commission for Data Protection, providing practical courses on data compliance and data security, data compliance, and cross-border taxation. In addition, the Swiss-Chinese International Research Center is also carrying out cross-border legal recruitment and other projects. The main service targets include cross-border law firms and multinational companies with foreign-related needs.




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