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  1.  门票为邀请-审核制,在付费后,会有同事在3个工作日内进行审核,若审核不通过所支付款项将原路返回,论坛也欢迎非法律工作者参会。Tickets are invite-audit system, after the payment, there will be colleagues in 3 working days to review, if the audit does not pass the payment will be returned to the original way, the forum also welcomes non-lawyers to attend the meeting.
  2. 活动除演讲嘉宾、赞助方限定人员以外,所有人均须购票入场。Tickets are required for all participants except the speakers and the sponsors.

      2.  购票请务必填写邮箱等正确联系方式、并将确认邮件予以打印并携带。关于活动的场地及参会事项,将于活动举办前5日以短信或邮件的形式通知,请留意。Please fill in the correct information(such as your name and email) when purchasing tickets, and print the confirmation email and bring it to the forum. Please note that the details of the forum will be informed by text message or email 5 days before the forum.

       3.  由于票品的特殊性,除因活动无法举行外,不接受退款。Refunds will not be accepted unless the forum cannot be held.

      4.  持票人同意,持票人不能将门票用于任何政治、广告及促销等行为。持票人不能在任何场馆内募捐或分发宣传材料、传单或促销商品,或携带、穿着任何用于政治、广告及促销等目的的物品或衣物进入场馆。场馆内禁止进行任何与宗教或种族相关的宣传或演示。违反上述规定的人将会被要求离开场馆并且不能获得退款。The ticket holder shall not use the ticket for any political, advertising or promotional purposes. Ticket holder shall not request for donations or distribute promotional materials, leaflets or goods, or bring any thing or wear any clothes for political, advertising or promotional purposes from entering the forum. Any propaganda or demonstration related to religion or race is prohibited. Violators of the above rules will be asked to leave the forum without a refund.

       5.  持票人同意瑞中法协及其授权的第三方使用该持票人的照片、录像、录音或其它影像或类似信息,而不必给予任何补偿。Please note that the photo, video, audio recording or other image or similar information of the ticket holder will be used by SCLA and its authorized third parties without giving any compensation.

      6.  活动的解释权由瑞中法律协会享有。The ultimate power of interpretation belongs to SCLA.

     7.  发票:发票可以于活动结束后7天内申请。Invoice: Invoice can be applied for within 7 days after the forum.

      8. 活动咨询:4006-919-195 或者 forum@sclalaw.cnInquiry: +86  4006-919-195 or 




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